Instant Cloud Move

Reconfigure legacy code to pure HTML5 for web and mobile.  Get the benefits of rewrite – but quicker, at lower cost, and with less risk.  Break free from legacy code with a completely new approach.

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Build HTML5 business apps with native quality user experience in C# using a visual designer.  Deploy highly scalable and secure apps with a powerful runtime server.

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What is Gizmox?

Gizmox provides an enterprise HTML5 platform for bringing business applications to web and mobile – quickly, securely, and with your existing skills.  For new and existing apps, we deliver a native-quality user experience and enterprise-class manageability.

Why Gizmox?

Enterprise-Class HTML5

You are not building games. You are building apps to make businesses more productive. You have business logic, data intensive operations and scalability requirements.  We get it.

Native-quality, Cross-platform

Deliver native-quality apps that leverage mobile device integration.  Make sure you design for all of your users in a BYOD world.

Beyond Client-Server

Retain the desktop user experience while extending application capability with cloud infrastructure and distributed clients. All without rewriting your existing application.

Secure By Design

Avoid application security vulnerabilities.  Secure sensitive data and valuable business logic with a unique zero-footprint client architecture and robust server-level security

Rapid Development

Move fast.  Gizmox’ solutions for building new and converting existing applications were designed to accelerate the pace of bringing enterprise apps mobile.

ReArchitect. Don't ReWrite.

Rearchitect and refactor existing code while preserving the value of business logic and data dependancies.  Avoid the time, cost, and risk of a software rewrite.
Who uses Gizmox?
  • mihealth

  • visa

  • sap

  • swisscom

  • verisign

  • avaya

  • williams

  • xerox

  • intergraph

  • lexisnexis

  • exxonmobil

  • bezeq

What are they saying?

“With Visual WebGui, we are able to bring new features to market in the time it takes our competitors to write specifications”

Mitch Stevens, HRTMS

“With no prior web experience, I was able to use my .NET skills to build cross-platform web application in just a few months”

Ivan Borges, OffiSys Brazil

“Visual WebGui has proven to be the most stable, secure, and productive web platform we have ever worked with. It is truly the the closest thing to a ‘desktop experience’ in a web browser that you can get.”

Wade Broyles, Moceansoft Consulting